Shillong Teer Result Today LIVE | 20 June 2024

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The Shillong TEER Result for 2024 is announced daily in two segments. The first-round result is disclosed around 4:0 PM, followed by the second-round result around 4:55 PM, except on Sundays.


Shillong Teer Result Today Live 20-6-2024

FR(First Round) – 4:14 PMSR(Second Round) – 4:55 PM

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DatesFR(First Round)SR(Second Round)

Know More About Shillong Teer

NameShillong Teer
Ticket PriceRs. 300 – Rs. 500
Winning PrizeRs. 8000 to Rs. 11,000
Authorized ByState Govt.
Teer Result TimingNOT FIXED

Shillong Teer Culture:

Shillong Teer extends beyond being just a game; it’s an integral part of Shillong’s rich cultural tapestry.

1. Teer Associations:

In Shillong, Teer isn’t merely a solitary pursuit; it thrives through Teer associations. These groups facilitate the smooth functioning of the game, overseeing everything from betting counters to fostering a sense of community spirit.

2. Social Fabric of Shillong:

More than a sport involving arrows and targets, Shillong Teer is interwoven with the city’s social fabric. At Teer counters, individuals from diverse backgrounds converge, fostering unity, camaraderie, and the forging of lasting bonds.

3. Traditional Beliefs and Rituals:

Shillong Teer comes with its own set of beliefs and rituals. Many participants attribute the Teer results to nature and dreams, observing specific rituals before placing bets to invoke luck and blessings from the spiritual realm.

4. Teer and Festivals:

Teer isn’t confined to daily matches; it plays a pivotal role in local festivals. Grand celebrations during events like Shad Suk Mynsiem infuse an extra layer of excitement and festivity into the cultural fabric.

5. Bridging Generations:

Shillong Teer serves as a bridge across generations. Passed down from elders to youngsters, it becomes a tradition where grandparents share their Teer experiences, passing on the passion and affection for the game.

6. Teer and Music:

With music being an integral part of Shillong’s culture, Teer games often feature live performances. These lively tunes add a vibrant dimension, making Shillong Teer a unique blend of sports and entertainment.

7. Respect for Archers:

In the Teer culture, archers aren’t just players; they are local heroes. Their skills and dedication are admired, and the Teer culture pays homage to these archery experts.

The Calculations Behind Shillong Teer Result:

1. Precision in Calculation:

The Teer result isn’t a random number; it’s a meticulously calculated figure. After archers release their arrows, the count of arrows hitting the target is used to determine the winning number, famously known as the “Shillong Teer Result.”

2. Influence of Weather and Nature:

Surprisingly, weather and nature play a role in Teer results, impacting the accuracy of archery. Factors like rain and wind can influence the outcome of the Shillong Teer Result.

3. Dreams and Their Role:

Dreams play a significant role in this game. Many participants believe that their dreams hold clues to the winning number, adding an element of mystique to the Shillong Teer.

4. Determining the Target Number:

After counting the arrows, the winning number emerges, typically a two-digit figure. For instance, if 567 arrows hit the target, the winning number would be 67. It’s a simple yet intriguing process.

5. Significance of the Second Round:

Shillong Teer unfolds in two rounds. The first involves one set of archers shooting at the target, while the second round features a different set of archers. Both rounds contribute to the final result, making it a dynamic and exhilarating game.